mobile Healing


Lem Nelson - Head Therapist


Specialising in pain and stress relief, helps rehabilitate injuries, improve circulation, increase relaxation and aids holistic wellbeing 

Suldan Ade - Massage Therapist


Specialising in Diagnosis, assess and treats  physical problem/condition. Develop and review treatment programmes that encourage exercise and movement by the use of a range of techniques.

Sylwia - Massage Therapist


Specialising in Natural Healing with deep tissue massage . With Over 10 years of international experience, Sylwia combines various techniques to ensure you get the most from your session.

Andrei - Physio / Massage Therapist


Andrei diagnoses the problem areas in the body and targets the core problem to give the direct treatment that the body needs. 

Hollie - PT / Massage Therapist


Hollie has extensive knowledge of the anatomy of the body coming from a Personal Trainer background. Hollie works with you and your body to create a rejuvenating experience.  

Magdalena - Massage Therapist


Magdalena is a very experienced therapist both for home and corporate bookings. Magdalena brings balance to the body and improves circulation.